Temple to the Cyborg Goddess

Designed by Emma Ogiemwanye and Kelly Wagman

The Temple to the Cyborg Goddess is a sacred space online for diverse technologist artists to gather and share ideas about visions for the future of media. The space steps outsides dominant frameworks of social media design by embracing various forms of engagement not driven by profit and attention. Community activities include livestream gatherings, interactive virtual exhibits, and other forms of collective building and imagining.

Read our manifesto and learn more:

Landing page

Profile page

Wall of Intention

A space to write and post intentions, hopes, dreams. These are ephemeral.
Writing a new note for the Wall of Intentions.

Weekly Ritual (livestream gathering)

Weekly gatherings could be book discussions, concerts, panels, etc.
Cards from the Wall of Intention will be virtually “burned” at the weekly gathering.

Ephemeral Salon

Members can post in-progress work and ideas and get feedback